When to change your toothbrush

We all know you should brush your teeth twice a day to keep your teeth healthy. But did you know, the ADA recommends you change your toothbrush every 3 months. The change of seasons is an easy time to remind you to change your tooth brush over.

Why do I need to change my tooth brush?


Over time the toothbrush bristles wear out and become frayed. This reduces the effectiveness of your toothbrush bristles and means it is more difficult to remove plaque from your teeth. Frayed bristles may also risk damaging your teeth and gums.


It is a good idea to change your tooth brush over after you have been sick too. The bacteria and virus can linger on toothbrush bristles after you are unwell so it is good to discard these.


Toothbrush maintenance


To help keep your toothbrush in good condition ensure you rinse it thoroughly after brushing to remove any debris and allow it to dry after you brush. It is also important to not let it touch other people’s toothbrushes and not to share your tooth brush to prevent contaminating your brush.


Which toothbrush should I use?


For manual toothbrushes, it is best to use a soft tooth brush with a small head. Soft bristles are best for your teeth and gums and the small head is best for getting into all the small spaces in your mouth.


Electric tooth brushes can be great too. These mostly have small heads and soft bristles, just make sure you don’t push too hard on your teeth with teeth.


You can do an effective job of brushing your teeth with a manual or electric tooth brush but some people with limited hand mobility (such as arthritis sufferers) or less motivation (kids!!) might find an electric tooth brush might suit them better.


Now it is summer and the season has changed, when was the last time you changed your toothbrush??? Is now a good time to get a new toothbrush and help keep your smile healthy??


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