What does an Oral Health Therapist Do?

This month we have celebrated the birthdays of our dentists Dr Liz Bernie and Dr Daniel McKenzie. Many people know about dentists and what a dentist does but a lot of people are unaware that there are other oral health professionals. These include oral health therapists, dental hygienists and dental prosthetists.


At Jamestown Dental we have two dentists, Dr Liz Bernie and Dr Daniel McKenzie, as well as an Oral Health Therpist, Edwina Birdseye.


An Oral Health Therapist is someone who can provide primary dental care for children and adults. An Oral Health Therapist can examine your teeth and assess them for dental decay and gum disease and provide routine dental treatment to address these.


An Oral Health Therapist plays a vital role in preventive dental care, including establishing good oral hygiene regimes (brushing and flossing), regular dental cleans and fluoride treatments. They also play a large role promotion of oral health throughout the community, Edwina has done this with her school visit program as well as visiting aged care facilities.


If you’d like us to visit your school, childcare centre or aged care facility please call us to arrange a time to visit and discuss how we can help you.



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