Top tips to avoid Christmas Dental Emergencies

Everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas at this time of year. In Jamestown, we are looking forward to the opening of the Magic Cave and the Christmas Pageant. Many people also have lots of extra social activities and Christmas parties which can mean increased sugary treats, increased alcohol and increased risk of dental problems right when our dental clinic hours start to decease!


How can you help your teeth this festive season?


  1. Keep up your oral hygiene regime


The easiest way to look after your teeth is by brushing them morning and night as well as flossing regularly. This will help to prevent plaque building up and causing decay.


  1. Limit sugars


Be careful eating candy canes and all the other delicious sugary treats available in greater quantities during the festive season. It’s not just the likely culprits such as chocolate and lollies, dried fruits in Christmas cake and fruit mince pies are high in sugar and can be very sticky and often catch in the grooves of your teeth.


Whilst it is ok to indulge and treat yourself, you don’t want to go overboard and end up needing a filling! Sugars can feed the bacteria on your teeth leading to decay (see our previous blog on what sugar does to your teeth Make sure you clean your teeth well after indulging in treats!


  1. Limit alcohol


‘Tis the season for social gatherings and Christmas parties which means a tipple or two! Alcohol can increase your risk of falls which could damage your teeth and is a major risk factor to oral cancers. Some alcohol may even cause staining to your teeth so watch out and limit your alcohol intake.


It may also help to ensure to hydrate with plenty of water when drinking alcohol.


  1. Teeth are not tools


Teeth are designed for chewing food and we see a lot of dental problems caused by using teeth for other purposes throughout the year. When wrapping gifts, use scissors not your teeth to cut sticky tape and packaging. Avoid using your teeth to open bottle caps too! This will help reduce the risk of cracking or chipping your teeth.


  1. Be careful with your new gifts


Lots of kids will be getting new bikes, scooter and trampolines from Santa this Christmas. While this is very exciting it’s important to watch your kids and wear protective gear if required to prevent dental (and medical) trauma.


Hopefully your teeth will stay safe and healthy this festive season, however, if you do end up with a dental emergency please check the ADASA website for their Emergency Treatment Roster which will list dentists open during the holidays. We will be closed from the 21stof December and re-opening on the 6thof January.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Jamestown Dental.


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