Sustainability at Jamestown Dental

At Jamestown Dental, we are passionate about our environment and environmental sustainability. We have taken several decisive actions to improve our eco footprint whilst still maintaining the highest standards of dental care and infection control.




We recycle many things here at Jamestown Dental just as you do at home. Our paper, glass and recyclable plastic from packaging etc are recycled in the normal council recycling.

We have also signed up with Terracycle to help you to recycle more of your oral hygiene product waste. We have a drop off point located in our waiting room for you to place your old toothbrushes, electric toothbrush heads, toothpaste tubes and floss containers. We collect these products and send them to Terracycle where there are separated, shredded and remoulded to make new products.

Please feel free to drop in to the practice to drop off these items to be recycled.



We have made a conscious effort to reduce the use of single use plastics around the practice. Whilst you may notice a lot of plastics in use at our practice many of these are used to ensure high levels of infection control for all our dental procedures. We do try to recycle these as much as we can. We separate the plastic and paper from our sterilisation pouches to recycle the paper which prevents it going to landfill.


We have changed to digital notes and x-rays to reduce the use of paper and films (including developing chemicals).  With our old notes and x-rays we are trying to recycle these as much as we can. Old paper records are shredded and re-cycled or composted. We can even recycle old x-rays to be recycled have the silver content on them which can be removed and reused. Confidentiality is maintained by shredding your x-rays prior to sending them away for recycling.


We hope our small changes can play a part in helping to continue to improve effective waste management strategies and improve the dental industry’s environmental sustainability.

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