Sports Drinks

Every weekend, we see kids, “weekend warriors” and professional athletes playing the games they love. We often see many people using sports drinks but you may not be aware of what these contain and how they affect your teeth.


“Sports drinks have been designed to help professional athletes recover from the stresses their intense athletic activities put them under.

If you play weekend or social sports, the best drink for you to stay hydrated is water. For this level of activity, sports drinks will provide you with little benefit. However, they will expose your teeth to added sugars and acid that can cause tooth decay and tooth erosion when drunk regularly. They can be particularly damaging to the teeth if you drink them when you are dehydrated.”

The Australian Dental Association


Sports drinks may contain significant amounts of sugar which we all know is a risk factor in decay but these drinks can also be acidic with pH around 3 which can erode the surface enamel of your teeth away. Once eroded and lost this enamel cannot be replaced.


The best drink to stay hydrated whilst playing sport is tap water. Tap water is cheap, environmentally friendly (using your reusable drink bottle) and fluoridated to help protect your teeth from decay.


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