Sensitive Teeth

Many people experience sensitive teeth throughout their lifetime. Sensitive teeth can significantly affect your daily activities, limiting consumption of a variety foods or drinks and impacting brushing. Sensitive teeth occur for a myriad of reasons and it is always a good idea to visit your dentist to check for the cause of any sensitivity related to your teeth.


Sensitivity often arises due to exposure of the dentine layer of teeth which has small tubules which act as a pathway to connect to the nerves of your teeth.


What causes sensitivity?


  • Tooth Decay


  • Gum disease


  • Incorrect brushing technique


  • Tooth grinding


  • Temporary sensitivity after bleaching or professional dental cleaning


Some of these causes of sensitivity need to be address with a dental professional through various simple treatments but you can help at home by:


  • Ensuring you use a soft toothbrush and brush twice a day


  • Use of sensitive tooth paste


  • Avoiding acidic foods and drinks such as soft drinks and wine

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