Mouthguards and preventing dental injuries

Football season in the mid north starts this weekend. We are proud to be sponsoring the Jamestown Peterborough Football and Netball Clubs once again this year.

Despite being footy and netball fans we realised that if you play a contact sport you are placing your teeth at risk of injury.

World wide it is estimated that up to 50-60% of the population will be affected by dental trauma at some point in their lifetime. Every footy and netball season we see numerous preventable dental injuries which permenantly damage teeth. These injuries can be difficult to treat and involve many trips to the dentist and can be very costly.

Injuries we have seen from football and netball having included knocked out teeth, fractured and cracked teeth, cut lips and tongues and even broken jaws!

Prevention is better than a cure and a simple way to prevent dental trauma is by wearing a mouthguard.

A mouthguard helps to prevent injury by absorbing and spreading the impact of trauma. At Jamestown Dental we can make a custom fitted mouthgard to fit exactly to the shape of your mouth and teeth. This is generally more comfortable and easier to breath and talk with than an over the counter “boil-and-bite” mouthguard. When used and stored properly our custom made mouthguards are able to last several seasons.

We are happy to arrange to make a custom fitted mouthguard for you. This is an easy process requiring us to take impression of your teeth which is sent to our laboratory in Gawler who can make up your mouthguard in any colour you wish (including club colours), and can even have pictures or your name in the design.


We hope you all seriously consider prevention of dental injuries this footy and netball season and get a mouthguard made.


And if you think dental injuries don’t happen, check out this recent injury from the AFL


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