Happy New Year!

Happy new year! It’s 2018 and we are ready for another busy year at Jamestown dental.

Many people make news years resolutions to be healthier, loose weight…. if you’d like to have a healthier you in 2018, why not start with healthier teeth? Many dental diseases can be present without symptoms until it may be too late to save your teeth.

Dental decay can be detected early at a dental visit by your dentist and may be reversible if caught early. Early signs of decay can include sensitivity to sweet foods or cold foods and drinks. If left it may progress and affect the nerve of the tooth and require more extensive treatment including endodontic therapy (root canal) or extraction of your tooth. Gum disease may also be picked up early before teeth become wobbly and loose and cannot be saved. Early signs of gum disease include bleeding from your gums with brushing and bad breath.

The sooner problems are detected the easier treatment can be. Why not take the step towards a healthier you in 2018 and book in to see one of our friendly dentists for a check up to ensure you keep your smile healthy.

One of our New Years resolutions at Jamestown dental is to reduce waste. As a dental practice we go through countless consumable items to maintain impeccable infection control standards however we are making a conscious effort to make this as environmentally friendly as possible.

We have introduced a recycling system with Terracycle to help recycle everyday items that may often be thrown away including toothbrushes and oral hygiene packaging. You can drop in your old tooth brushes, toothpaste tubes and floss containers at Jamestown dental for us to send on to be recycle and turned into a variety of products including bags and benches. Find out more about our recycling program at www.terracycle.com.au


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