Habits that can stain your teeth

Everyone loves a beautiful white smile. But some people seems to have teeth that discolour and become more yellow or grey. We’ve outlined some of the many reasons for teeth to become stained and discoloured.


  1. Pigmented drinks such as coffee, tea and red wine

Just like coffee and red wine can stain your clothes if spilled on them, they can also stain your teeth. The dark pigmentations in these drinks can stick to your enamel and build up overtime causing your teeth to discolour.


  1. Smoking

We all know that smoking is not good for your overall health and is a major risk factors for gum disease and oral cancer. The tobacco in cigarettes can build up on teeth and cause staining over time as well. This is another good reason to quit smoking this year!


  1. Staining foods

Many people are aware of staining from beverages but not aware that highly pigmented foods can also stain your teeth. Common culprits include, curry, leafy green vegetables, beetroot and tomato based sauces just to name a few. Whilst many of these foods are good for us they can stain your teeth. To reduce the impact of staining ensure you drink plenty of water when eating these foods.


  1. Dehydration

It is important to drink recommended amounts of water to stay hydrated. Water consumption is important for staying hydrated which enables your salivary glands to produce sufficient saliva. Saliva plays an important role in preventing stain build up and also protecting your teeth against decay.


  1. Oral hygiene

Surface stains can build up on your teeth if not properly removed with good oral hygiene. Brushing twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste helps to remove surface staining. There are some toothpastes with “stain-removing” additives and whitening agents as well, some of these can be abrasive so it is good to check these with your dentist.


  1. Not visiting your dentist

Regular check-ups are important for your general dental health. They can also help pick up problems with your teeth early. Regular dental cleaning will help to remove surface stains and pigmented tartar (calculus) build up to leave your teeth feeling and looking great. We can also discuss potential options for lightening and whitening your teeth safely if you would like an even brighter smile.


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