Dental Crowns

The outer enamel layer of your teeth in the hardest tissue in the human body. This means teeth are generally strong however trauma, decay and tooth wear may compromise your tooth over time which may result in you being recommended a crown. We also recommend a crown if a tooth has had a root canal treatment as these teeth can be more brittle and susceptible to fracturing.

A crown can act like a helmet over your tooth to help protect a tooth from breaking. A crown may also improve the appearance of your tooth and can help improve chewing function. The procedure involves shaping your tooth and taking impressions to make a custom made dental crown from porcelain or gold which is then cemented to your tooth. Our crowns are made right here in SA at our local dental lab to ensure a high standard of dental materials is used.


Our dentists can assess your teeth and whether a crown may be of benefit to you by completing a thorough dental examination with dental radiographs and intraoral photos. We can then discuss your full treatment options and if a crown would be a suitable treatment option.


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