Common symptoms of Dental diseases

These days we all turn to “Doctor Google” when we have something that is worrying us about our bodies and even our teeth. Dental diseases can often be “silent” or less symptomatic so how do you know if something is going on before it’s too late?

Bleeding gums? Bad breath? Looking a bit longer in the tooth?

You may have gum disease. Gum disease can occur when bacteria builds up under your gum line causing your body to respond with inflammatory processes which can cause bone loss around your teeth. If left untreated this may result in loose, wobbly teeth and even your teeth falling out!

Sensitivity to sweet? Sensitivity to hot or cold? Feeling a hole in your tooth?

You may have dental decay. Decay can occur in teeth when bacteria on the surface of your teeth metabolise sugars and release acids which destroy tooth structure. This may have to be cleaned out and we can replace your tooth structure with a filling. A small filling now is much better than a large filling later or leaving it too late to restore your tooth.

Headaches? Sore jaw? Flattened teeth?

You may be grinding your teeth. Many people grind their teeth subconsciously in the day or even in their sleep. This can become worse when you are stressed. A dental night guard can help prevent your teeth “wearing away” and even relieve symptoms such as headaches and sore jaws.

Remember to listen to your body and come see your friendly dentists at Jamestown Dental when symptoms come up rather than leaving them until it may be too late.


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