Dental Decay Prevention

It’s been a big start to October in Jamestown with the long weekend with Jamestown hosting the Jamestown Races and Jamestown Show. There was a lot to see and do and we couldn’t help noticing a lot of sweet treats to try.


This month we are  celebrating World Cavity-Free Future Day on Saturday the 14th of October. We hope by implementing small changes to your lifestyle we can all hope for a cavity-free future. Visit to find out more information.


We all like a treat every now and then, but remember it is very important to look after your teeth to prevent dental decay. Around 50% of children have experienced dental decay by the age of 5, and by the age of 9 this increases to around 70%. But it’s not just kids experiencing decay, the average adult has 13 teeth which have been filled or extracted due to decay.


Dental decay is a preventable disease. By keeping sugary foods and drinks to a minimum, maintaining good oral hygiene including brushing twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste and drinking plenty of fluoridated water you can avoid and reduce the likelihood of getting decay.


How do you know if you have tooth decay? It can be difficult to know if you decay in it’s early stages, but some signs and symptoms can be sensitivity to sweet foods, pain with eating, black or brown spots on teeth. Some early decay may even start as a white spot on your tooth and this may be reversible and not require a filling if treated early.


It is important for you to visit us regularly to check for early signs of decay and treat it before it progresses and affects the nerve of the tooth. When you visit us, we can check your teeth for decay and discuss individualised prevention strategies to reduce your decay risk which will result in you needing less dental treatment!





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