Jamestown Dental Celebrates Dental Health Week 2017

This month at Jamestown Dental, we are celebrating Dental Health week (7th-13th August). The theme for this year’s dental health week is Oral Health for Busy Lives. In our increasingly busy lives it is easy to let good oral health habits slide. It is important for us all to take good care of our teeth and gums.

The statistics about Australia’s oral health are shocking – 65% of Aussies haven’t visited a dentist in the last two years, 63% only visit if they have a specific problem, and 25% adults only brush once a day.

Key steps for oral Health:

1. Brush your teeth twice a day
2. Floss once a day
3. Eating a healthy diet and reducing sugary foods and drinks
4. Visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and preventive treatment

Come in and visit us this month to see our Dental Health Week decorated practice. Find out more about Dental Health Week at dentalhealthweek.com.au

In keeping with this theme, our Dentists and Oral Health Therapist have suggested some top tips for taking care of your teeth:

  • “Drink plenty of tap water throughout the day” Dr Liz Bernie. Fluoridated tap water helps to protect your teeth from decay and provides hydration for good saliva production which is vital for healthy teeth.
  • “Chew sugar free gum” Dr Liz Bernie. Chewing sugar free gum helps to stimulate saliva and this neutralises acids produced by plaque which can cause decay.
  • “If you indulge in the occasional sugary drink try to drink through a straw or rinse with water after you finish” Edwina Birdseye
  • “Take a tooth brush or floss with you in the car or in your hand bag so you can take care of your teeth when you’re on the go” Edwina Birdseye
  • “Keep multiple toothbrushes in multiple areas in your house for convenient brushing, I keep one in the bathroom upstairs and downstairs” Dr Emma Branson
  • We have made it even easier for you to book your next check-up which can be done online.

We hope you have a great August and stay warm!


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